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Book and Lyrics by Tracey Power, Music co-written with Steve Charles

Directed by James MacDonald


“I want to create something no one would ever believe was created by a woman.”

– Judith Shakespeare


It’s the 1600's and women are banned from the stage, but the suppressed female mind is finding it difficult to stay... well, suppressed.


Behind the dingy walls of The Cage Tavern, six women explore the seductive power of the theatre. With a musical score influenced by underground European Cabaret the women embrace their creativity, their voice, and their freedom. But the law is not on their side and if these artists are to truly have a voice, they must find the courage to get beyond the walls and in front of an audience.


Daddy’s had his turn‚ the mad mind of Judith Shakespeare explodes in this saucy new musical.



By William Shakespeare, an Escape Artists adaptation directed by James MacDonald


“Mischief, thou art afoot!” 


The year is 2415, natural disaster, societal collapse, and a great plague has wiped-out males of every living species. Only the women have survived; some of them. They banded together. They became a force so strong not even nature could crush them. Countries became continents. Continents became Earth, and what is left of Earth became Rome. But once you have beaten all the odds, then what? The ides of March will come…


A psychological drama of struggle between the conflicting demands of honour, patriotism and friendship. 



Coming this spring